Eistein and Newton – Relativistic Twins

Gravity Lens

When one looks at the paths that Newton and Einstein followed while pursuing their theories of gravity, one is struck by the many coincidences: the unexplained data on orbits, the sudden insight about falling objects, the need for a new mathematics, the calculational difficulties, the retroactive agreements, the controversy, the problem-plagued expeditions, and the final triumph and acclaim. Both men had worked in the same eccentric and lonely way, divorced from other scientists, armed with a great feeling of self-reliance while struggling with new concepts and difficult mathematics, and both produced earth-shaking results. One can’t help but wonder if these two greatest of scientists, born 237 years apart, were “relativistically related”, conceived as twins in some ethereal plane in a far-off galaxy and sent to earth to solve a matter of some gravity. Find Out More


Mass In Quantum Field Theory – “Fields of Color”

Fields of Color

The tale of how the gravitational field became part of physics and quantum field theory is a strange one, entailing apples and moons, conjectures and confirmations, problem-plagued expeditions, and the two foremost scientific geniuses of all time. And it might not have transpired if not for the Great Plague. [… Read more]