Five Unexplained Mysteries Not Clarified by Quantum Field Theory

Notwithstanding the various triumphes of Quantum Field Theory, there are still five inexplicable enigmas in other words “gaps” which still need to be satisfied:

Renormalization is without a doubt fundamental given that Quantum Field Theory does not identify ways an electron (or other charged quantum) is impacted by its self-generated EM field.

Field collapse is two forms: spatial collapse, whenever a spread-out quantum is absorbed or possibly becomes localized, together with internal collapse, when the spin or some other interior feature of a quantum suddenly changes. Collapse may likewise arise by having two or even more entangled quanta. Quantum Field Theory does not necessarily identify just how and when this transpires, despite the fact that it has the ability to predict probabilities.

Whys and wherefores. Quantum Field Theory does not provide an explanation for why the masses and interaction strengths related to the various fields are what they are.

Dark matter and dark energy are generally believed to be present in the cosmos because of astronomical documentation. They likewise are not illustrated by the known sectors of Quantum Field Theory.

Consciousness is actually one thing that happens behind our very noses, but is not explained by Quantum Field Theory…. How dare physicists talk about “theories of everything” when they can’t explain what goes on behind their very noses! Please understand, by consciousness I don’t mean simple information processing, such as can be done by any computer. I mean the sense coming from awareness, the sensations, the feelings that human and minds experience on a daily basis– from the color blue to the exquisiteness of a Mozart sonata or even the ache connected with a tooth ache. These types of sensations are referred to as qualia. Most physicists do not like to be inconvenienced by the question, and it is left to thinkers like Charlie Chaplin to think about it: “Billions of years it’s taken to evolve human consciousness … The miracle of all existence … More important than anything in the whole universe. What can the stars do? Nothing but sit on their axis! And the sun, shooting flames 280,000 miles high. So what? Wasting all its natural resources. Can the sun think? Is it conscious?”– C. Chaplin (film “Limelight”).


I view consciousness as a far more important issue than the issue of just why the field constants have the values they do, and I would certainly swap a hundred field collapses for an explanation of why we see colors. Amidst those physicists who are willing to consider the problem, most believe that consciousness results from the complexity of the brain– that our brains do nothing more than an extremely complex computer or robot could do. There are a few physicists who believe that the phenomenon of consciousness goes beyond our present knowledge:  “Of all the areas of experience that we try to link to the principles of physics by arrows of explanation, it is consciousness that presents us with the greatest difficulty.

To me it is perfectly obvious that consciousness consists of more than electric or electro-chemical signals, as in a computer or robot. If I took the most skilled carpenters in the world, gave them an unlimited supply of wood and said, “Take this wood and make a television set, but don’t use anything except wood”, I know they couldn’t do it. We can’t even define these sensations, much less know how to create them from computer parts.

Some scientists justify their belief in the AI explanation by asking “what else? If it’s not electro-chemical signals (which we understand), then what else is there?” My answer is, I don’t know, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t something else going on. If you the reader have learned nothing else from this book, you have learned that the entire history of physics involved the recognition that there is “something else” going on. Why is this so difficult to believe in regard to consciousness?

Will we ever find an explanation?


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