Why I Wrote “Fields of Color”.

This particular publication began from a chapter as part of a book I once was going to pen, entitled “Can Robots Have Orgasms?” The following is how that title came to pass.  In the event that in my early years I thought about consciousness whatsoever, I probably accepted that the human brain performs according the laws of physics and chemistry, like every other organ of the body. But then one day I took into account pain–that powerful searing sense that will make one shriek and yell. Pain, I thought, certainly can not be clarified simply by fields or particles or relativity or quantum mechanics or even quantum field theory. This is without a doubt something which is quite separate, considerably unique from exactly what occurs inside a computer or even in any other piece of equipment. I thought about all the other things that computers can’t feel, one of which is the intense pleasure of an orgasm.

Then one day we got a visitor– a smart young computer hot shot. I questioned him while we were sitting down for dinner “Do you think a computer can ever experience a sexual orgasm?” Carefully this chap started to tell me just how one could produce an orgasm simply by putting the ideal 0’s as well as the 1’s into the proper sequence. Naturally this was simply nonsense, so I informed him he had flunked the test and couldn’t have any dinner.

I didn’t really. We fed him, yet the man did give me the idea for the title: “Can Robots Have Orgasms?” As it turned out, I gradually abandoned the book given that I concluded that a book that boiled down to merely a single word (“No”) most likely would not sell. That being said I had indeed already prepared or outlined chapters that I called “dead ends” about three examinations which have been proposed for consciousness: Artificial Intelligence, Religion, and Quantum Mechanics. To my way of thinking these all fail to offer an answer, or any sort of hope regarding an answer. However, as I tackled the chapter entitled “Quantum Mechanics”, I realized that all the quantum mechanical explanations ignored Quantum Field Theory. Then I realized that QFT is ignored everywhere, as though it never ever existed. Which is why I wrote the book that I wrote.

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